Hi, my name’s Kim, also known as Grandma Tilly.      KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

When I was growing up Kim wasn’t a name associated with sexy popstars or actresses – it was often a dog’s name.  I remember crying when the boys in my class would corner me in the school playground and howl “Woof! Woof!” before running off in fits of laughter.  But, I survived to tell the tale!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are often patterns in life that have a habit of repeating themselves.  So I really shouldn’t have been surprised to find that early on in my grandmotherhood, I was christened Grandma Tilly – Tilly being our beautiful Bernese Mountain dog with an amazing zest for life who has since, sadly passed away.  For the children, the nickname was a means of distinguishing between one grandma and another – and it’s stuck.  So after all these years, there’s still no escaping the dog’s name!  It’s just that this time it’s an absolute delight.

My life’s path has been varied to say the least.  I’ve been a bank clerk, ground hostess at a large airport, English teacher, business woman and, even, a landlady of a big country inn ….   but my true interest is writing.  I’ve dabbled with historical romances and poetry and, together with my writing partner, we’ve come up with a fantastic idea for a teen fantasy  novel with a ‘green’ theme.   Although, at the moment this has been placed on the very ‘back seat’ life’s roller coaster,  as I juggle being a grandma with supporting their great-grandma – my mum, who although frail, remains as feisty as ever!

So, I suppose this blog is half-way house.  I can write in short bursts and ramble on about the things that are important to me.

Tilly in the sand dunes.

Tilly in the sand dunes.

Increasingly, I’ve become more and more concerned about what sort of planet and society we will be leaving for our grandchildren.  And I can’t help feeling that if the adults won’t listen then, maybe, it’s possible to influence children – to create engaging stories and characters that will help them think about the earth and all of it’s inhabitants including endangered species such as  snow leapards, orangutangs, elephants, tigers – and so the terrible list of animals threatened with extinction goes on ….

I’m not sure whether anybody will find my blog – or read it.  I hope so.  It would be great to have some company!

Grandma Tilly


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  1. Blogging is great fun and you meet lots of people around the world, learning about their lives. It also frees up your thoughts and makes writing easier, or at least less challenging. So enjoy.

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